Bodybuilding Basic Training: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Muscle

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Do you struggle with packing on lean muscle mass? Do you dread scouring through all of the information out there only to suffer from analysis paralysis? Tired of hitting dead ends with your training only to feel like you’re beating your head against the wall? Bodybuilding Basic Training: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle is packed with all of the essential knowledge to help you get the physique you want and then some. Simpler is better and adding quality, lean muscle shouldn’t be complicated. This manual is the perfect starting point for beginners as well as for those who want to clean the slate and start fresh. This manual is what I truly believe in and have used over the years with my own training. There is nothing in here that I haven’t tried. But you have an advantage. I’ve already refined, tweaked and improved all of these workouts and tips so you can cut straight to the chase and get started immediately. Here are just a few of the benefits of this massive manual: - It’s packed with 58 programs so you will always have options and never get bored. - It has both body part training programs as well as complete full weekly training programs. - Alternatives for each exercise to give you more options. - Photos of major exercises to give you a clear visual of how to perform movements correctly. - Explanation of programming, progressing, frequency, volume and the most asked questions such as “what do I do next?” - Easy to read and navigate and straight to the point without any fluff. Chapter preview: What is this manual all about and who is it for? How do I use this manual? Section 1: An Introduction to Training What is a rep? What is a set? What is a warm up set? How do I warm up? What is a work set? How should I breathe during a set? What is muscle failure? What is the best rep range to use? How much weight should I use? What is a pyramid of sets? How do I progress? How much rest between sets? What is the difference between compound and isolation exercises? What are supersets and other techniques listed? What about frequency, volume, intensity, duration and other factors related to my goals? What about soreness? What about cardio? I have more questions Section 2: Body Part Training The Chest The Back The Shoulders The Triceps The Biceps The Forearms The Quadriceps The Hamstrings The Calves The Abdominals Section 3: Goals and Training Programs What about goals? How do I set up my own training program? How much frequency? How much volume? How much training time? What about program duration? What about active/scheduled rest? What about cycling programs? Training programs Body part specialization routines