Workouts For Women: Fitness For Women: How to Build a Strong and Fit Female Body by Home Workout, Running, and Yoga

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Workouts For Women: Fitness For Women Box Set (3 in 1)

Book 1: Bodybuilding For Women: How To Build A Lean, Strong And Fit Female Body By Home Workout

Do you want to increases your strength, speed, and overall athletic performance? Do you want to fit a bodybuilding routine into your schedule? You can reach your fitness goals with Bodybuilding for Women.

Muscle building has two important components: diet and exercise. If you don't maintain a good balance between diet and exercise, it will be nearly impossible to build a leaner and stronger body. This book provides in-depth coverage of each of these areas by offering nutrition strategies and a bodybuilding training plan that can be used right at home.

By reading this book you'll learn:
• The benefits of bodybuilding for women
• Home bodybuilding exercises, including warm-ups, dumbbell exercises, yoga, and gravity workouts
• A 7-day training plan
• Bodybuilding nutrition
• Bodybuilding tips for beginners

If you are currently involved in a sport such as swimming, tennis, or recreational team sports like softball or basketball, bodybuilding can help you improve your athletic performance. If you're not a natural athlete, but you'd like to look and feel like one, bodybuilding will nudge you closer to those goals. This book will show you how to replace fat with muscle, and develop a strong, balanced physique.

Book 2: Running: How to Start Running to Lose Weight, Get Fit and Relieve Stress

Running is one of the best exercises for those who want to get fit and develop a positive and proactive attitude about health and life. This book provides a wealth of information on how to develop and maintain running habits for weight loss, increased physical fitness and stress relief.

This book will show you:
• How to use the proper form and techniques while running
• How to practice mindfulness while running
• How to prepare mentally and physically for your first 5K race

You'll also get
• A two week training plan that will help you achieve long-term success
• The perfect diet plans for runners
• Running tips that keep you motivated, focused on your goals and free of injuries

The surest way to success as a runner is to begin with modest goals and gradually work your way up. This book will help you get on the right path and will make running challenging, fun and rewarding.

Book 3: Yoga for Weight Loss: 12 Best Poses to Lose Weight Fast, Look Better and Feel Amazing

Losing weight requires a strict focus on your diet. Likewise, you need to exercise and burn more calories than you consume. You'll probably learn early on that hard work and sacrifices are necessary in order to succeed with weight loss. Yoga can help you focus on the positive and transformative elements of your weight loss journey. With yoga, you'll work and strengthen your heart, burn calories and fat, and give yourself added peace and mindfulness for this journey.

In Yoga For Weight Loss, readers learn the principles of yoga and the poses that maximize weight loss. These poses begin in a standing position and then head down to the floor, placing you on your stomach and then on your back. Weight loss benefits multiply when you combine these poses and keep your body moving. Plus, you'll glean the confidence needed to get started and have the tools to succeed thanks to great tips for yoga beginners.

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